artist statement

Detail from Free Floating by Quincy Anderson

Detail from free floating

“I am fascinated by the way water transforms light—creating reflected images on the surface and refracted images underneath. I am also mesmerized by the movement of waves through water—how the harmonic content of different wave patterns intersect and how they magnify and then telescope all of the layers of images above and below.

Water is nature’s mirror. Shapes and patterns repeat and disappear. Water has the power to imprint or erase—impressions of waves in the sand dissolve into memories and dreams. Deep water hides the secrets of the past and whirlpools hold the energy for transformations and divinations of the future.

The smooth undulation of waves at sea, the concentric ripples caused by a single rain drop in a tide pool, the chaotic disturbance of wind on a pond …and a morning mist that erases everything. ”