artist statement

Abstraction of the image has been my challenge and my inspiration. Moving towards abstraction helps me to find a depth of meaning in my work. It leads me from my love of nature towards the mystery of nature — the dynamics of nature’s animating forces. 

My studio work is about allowing chaos and failures, discovering and recognizing things as they appear when I am fully immersed in the process. The flow itself becomes a tool for greater perception, and an unfolding of self.

I draw and pour paint and wash away. I capture the water then release it into wavelets and rivulets. I play with the paint’s movements to draw out floating and reflected images on the surface of the canvas. I work and play to find the intuitive gesture, and something visionary — a perspective from above.

Abstracting the image is an exploration to concentrate essential qualities; to choose and exaggerate colors, spacial relationships and perspectives to express the mood of my vision. My relationship with my materials and techniques —rubbing embossed surfaces, layering my transparent images of delicate silk tissue, playing with the fluid movements of paint and water — helps me to discover my language of symbols, the spirals and waves, the meaning of light and dark pathways in my composition.

This process draws my inner world out so that I may create a more powerful expression of who I am in the world. This search for what lies beneath and above and beyond the world we think we know, this reaching towards the unknown, is not to explain it but to celebrate it.

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Detail from Flood Tide
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