These larger scale pieces are built up over time with alternating layers of acrylic paint and rice papers, most with many images printed as monotypes, rubbings, and calligraphs. These collage compositions are unified by pathways of light.

moon breathing

Abstract painting "flood tide" of high water

Flooding and ebbing tides express the breathing of the moon — the interconnectedness of the ocean and the universe.

sea / sky / moon

Moon Whisper, an abstract painting evoking mystery and moonlight

The sun and moon create pathways of light moving through shadow.


susurrus 48x36 abstract painting

Soft breezes result in erratic delicate pathways of falling leaves and samaras; and play with the branches and waves.

passing storm

Woodland Pond abstract painting

The energy of the storm is the wild ecstatic dance of nature.

as above / so below

as above so below 60x48

Water transforms light, creating reflected images on the surface and refracted images beneath.

harmony / rhythm

tender rhythm 36x36

Energetic chaos quiets into peaceful stillness.

waves / wind / wood

whirlpool 2 48x60

Oscillation of different wave patterns intersect to magnify and telescope the transparent layers of images through water. 

seasons / tides

mist 30x48

The bright glitter path of a winter sun, the concentric ripples caused by a raindrop…and a morning mist that erases everything.

prophecy / ritual

morning ritual 2 48x48

Deep water hides the secrets of the past, and whirlpools hold the energy for the future. 

flow / undulation

immersion 48x48

Impressions in the sand appear — shapes and forms repeat and then dissolve.

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